175th Anniversary All Saints Church

Sunday 13th September 2015

175th Anniversary All Saints Church Logo

To celebrate All Saints 175th Anniversary, Weston historian Charles E S Fairey produced, with help from Rev. Dr. Michael Leyden, members of the Parish Council and others; a Church Guidebook as well as Poster displays to celebrate this unique event.

The Guidebook for All Saints' Church in Weston, near Crewe, was produced to celebrate the Church's 175th Anniversary, which took place on Sunday 13th September 2015.

The Guidebook trawls through the history of the site and the Church, expanding on many of its unique features, monuments, some of its associated people, as well as buildings linked with the Church, and the Church Services. It is accompanied by colour photographs, a few maps and extracts throughout.

The celebration was an excellent occasion, with the history of the building and associated photos, pictures and information dotting the walls of the Victorian Church, as an Archive Exhibition.

A special service was held, with hymns, music, recitals and prayers, as well as Communion for all, headed by the Rev. Dr. Michael Leyden and distinguished guests.

A street barbecue followed, with a bouncy castle, children's games and the like. The Reverend even got locked into a specially made stocks and soaked with water!

The Event was well attended with the pews full, many stayed or arrived for the festivities afterwards and all celebrated together as a community.

The Guidebook is now being printed and will be on sale soon.

See also Charles E S Fairey’s Historian Website @


175th Anniversary All Saints Church photo inside Church
175th Anniversary All Saints Church guidebook cover