Crewe Hub Station

Crewe Hub Station

When HS2 is completed it is proposed that two high speed trains each hour, in each direction, will make a stop at Crewe Station, providing high speed services to and from London.

The Government and Cheshire East Council support building a major Hub station on the existing Crewe Station site to enable more HS2 trains to stop at Crewe. This will require significant changes to Crewe Station and the surrounding area.

Cheshire East Council published the Crewe Hub Area Action Plan in March 2020 which sets out the Council’s preferred approach to development of the area around the station and its links to the town centre. The planned consultation on the Action Plan has been delayed due to Covid.

Parish Council’s position/actions

The Parish Council supports the redevelopment of Crewe Station to become an interchange Hub between HS2 and the West Coast Mainline, provided that the redevelopment of the area around the station is done sensitively and that a ‘green gap’ is maintained between it and Weston and Basford, such that the character of our Parish is maintained.

The Parish Council will be commenting on the Crewe Hub Area Action Plan when Cheshire East opens this up for consultation.

Crewe Hub Station document/website links:

CLICK HERE for the Cheshire East Crewe Hub Area Action Plan March 2020

CLICK HERE for Parish Council's response dated 22 March 2019 to Cheshire East's Crewe Station Hub Action Development Strategy March 2019