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High Speed 2 (Hs2)

Latest Developments

HS2 Phase 2a

The Bill to authorise the building of Phase 2a from Birmingham to Crewe is currently going through the Parliamentary process. An Additional Provisions Bill was deposited on 8 February 2019, proposing a number of changes to the powers in the bill. This results from requests made by petitioners to the Select Committee in Spring 2018 and further design development, principally in relation to utility works.

A public consultation on the Additional Provisions Bill will run until 29 March 2019.

The Parish Council is reviewing the Additional Provisions and liaising with neighbouring Parishes and with Cheshire East to decide if a petition is required.

HS2 document/website links:

CLICK HERE to view the HS2 report on how they intend to be a 'good neighbour' in their Community Engagement Strategy.

CLICK HERE to view the latest newsletter issued by HS2 - March 2019

CLICK HERE to visit the HS2 official website www.gov.uk/HS2

The route through South Cheshire is shown in Map Book CA5: South Cheshire of the Environment Statement available on the HS2 website.

CLICK HERE to go to the HS2 Phase 2a Additional Provision 2 Environmental Statement and Supplementary Environmental Statement Consultation (February 2019)

CLICK HERE for Parish Council's Summary of the progress of Phase 2a and the Parish Council's actions March 2019

CLICK HERE for Wybunbury Combined Parishes Petition

CLICK HERE for Parish Council's Summary of the impact of HS2 Phase 2a on Weston and Basford Parish October 2017, updated March 2019

CLICK HERE for Parish Council's response to HS2 Consultation on the Environment Statement September 2017

Crewe Hub Station:

When HS2 is completed, two high speed trains each hour, in each direction, are due to make a stop at Crewe providing high speed services to London. The Government and Cheshire East Council are supportive of building a major Hub station site to enable more HS2 trains to stop at Crewe, improving connectivity.

Cheshire East Council issued the Crewe Station Hub Area Action Plan Development Strategy on 12 February 2019. A Public Consultation is being held on the Development Strategy.

The Consultation runs until midnight on 26 March 2019.

Crewe Hub Station document/website links:

CLICK HERE for the Cheshire East Consultation on Crewe Hub

CLICK HERE for Parish Council's Summary of the progress of the Crewe Hub Station

CLICK HERE to view the Department for Transport Consultation on Crewe Hub and the Minister's response on the DfT's website

CLICK HERE for the Parish Council's response to the Department for Transport Consultation Crewe Hub Station October 2017