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High Speed 2 (Hs2)

High Speed Rail (West Midlands to Crewe) Bill: Deposit of Additional Provision 2

Hs2 recently wrote to councils regarding the deposit of Additional Provision 2 (AP2) to the High Speed Rail (West Midlands to Crewe) Bill (known as Phase 2a). This deposit will take place in Parliament on 8th February 2019 and then at other locations for public viewing including Crewe Library 11th - 13th February 2019.

The latest Information Event for October for Phase 2b is at the Crewe Alexandra Stadium on Monday 22nd October 2pm - 8pm.

Information on the latest information events for November/December for Phase 2b are here 

High Speed 2 (Hs2) is the new high speed railway proposed by the Government to connect major cities in England.  When Hs2 is completed, trains will run at up to 225mph between London and Birmingham, East Midlands, Manchester and Leeds. 

Hs2 will be built in Phases.

- Phase 1 from London to the West Midlands: Construction has already begun.

- Phase 2a from the West Midlands to Crewe: The Bill seeking permission to build Phase 2a had its second reading in Parliament on 30 January 2018. A Select Committee has been set up to hear petitions. If all goes according to plan, construction is due to commence in 2020 and high-speed trains should be running between Crewe and London in 2027.

- Phase 2b from Crewe to Manchester and from the Midlands to Leeds: In planning stage.

The route of Phase 2a runs through South Cheshire and into out Parish, terminating just south of Casey lane bridge, the site of the entrance to a tunnel taking the line under Crewe town centre. The tunnel is scheduled for Phase 2b.

Find out more about Hs2, how it will affect our Parish and what the Parish Council has been doing, in the following documents:

The official website for Hs2 Click here

Crewe Hub Consultation Response - Department of Transport Website:

Parish Councils Summary of the Impact on our parish October 2017

Parish Councils Response to Crewe Hub Consultation October 2017

Parish Councils Response to Hs2 Consultation on the Environment Statement September 2017

High Speed Rail 2 - Phase 2a - West Midlands to Crewe

Update: March 2018

The second reading of the Bill seeking permission to build Phase 2a took place in Parliament on 30 January 2018. A Select Committee of 5 MPs has now been set up to hear petitions from those affected by Phase 2a. The Select Committee will begin its public sessions on Monday 19th March 2018. The hearings, to be held in the Palace of Westminster, are open to the public and will also be viewable online at http://parliamentlive.tv/Commons 

Weston and Basford Parish Council joined with four neighbouring parish councils affected by Hs2 (The Wybunbury Combined Parishes* - 'WCP') to send a petition objecting to the proposed use of local roads for heavy construction
traffic and other matters. 

A copy of the petition submitted to the Select Committee by The Wybunbury Combined Parishes:

All other petitions submitted to the Select Committee can be viewed on the Select Committee website, accessible via http://committeebusiness.parliament.uk/committee-business/1/high-speed-rail

It is expected that a representative of WCP will be summoned to appear before the Select Committee in the Spring.

Crewe Hub Station

On 9 March 2018 the Secretary of State for Transport confirmed the Government's support for the Crewe Hub vision. This envisages that there will be a full hub station on the site of the existing Crewe station and that between 5 and 7 Hs2 trains an hour will stop at Crewe. The full Crewe Hub Consultation Response can be viewed on the Department of Transport website - https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/hs2-crewe-hub-consultation-response

*The Wybunbury Combined Parishes: Doddington and District Parish Council, Hatherton and Walgherton Parish Council, Hough and Chorlton Parish Council, Weston and Basford Parish Council, Wybunbury Parish Council